Dogs of Bivouac

As a dog-friendly store, we love meeting new furry friends! Here are our favorite dogs of Bivouac:

Dogs of Bivouac - Tilly


Chief Animal Officer (2015 - Present)

Tilly was born in 2015 and has lived in Ann Arbor almost her entire life. The thing she likes most about working at Bivouac is the freedom to roam the floor and chew on socks. Her favorite brand of socks is Smartwool, she is currently chewing on the new PHD medium cushion hikers. She would highly recommend them. Tilly's other responsibilities include managing the office while perched up on her favorite chair and eating dust bunnies (this keeps the floor clean). Her favorite place to hang out in Bivouac is the employee room because that's where the most food is dropped. Her favorite item is her Ruffwear roamer leash as it stretches 1.5 feet to prevent whiplash while chasing squirrels. She looks forward to working at Bivouac for the rest of her life.

Dogs of Bivouac - Rosie


Office Pup Manager (2016 - Present)

Rosie is an energetic and athletic labradoodle whose grandfather was a "party poodle". She has recently cut back her retail hours to devote more time to her friends at doggy daycare and searching for sunny spots at home as a home security specialist. Rosie likes canoeing, hiking (trail running and waiting in spurts), cross country skiing and her new summer hobby, standing up front on dad's SUP. Rosie is intelligent enough to know who's the boss and how to prove it!

Dogs of Bivouac - Keetna and Ice

Keetna and Ice

Snow Patrol (2016 - Present)

Keetna and Ice are adopted Siberian Husky sisters - Keetna,12, loves to keep Ice, 6, in check whenever they are adventuring inside or outdoors. In their free time during the Winter you will find them alpine touring up and down Michigan's beautiful hills, while in the Spring and Summer months you will find them swimming, canoeing or boating in the Huron River or Great Lakes, or running after their humans as they bike or trek through Michigan's beautiful trails. They are the most lovable husky pair and patrol at Bivouac whenever they can.

Dogs of Bivouac - Echo


Assistant Graphic Designer (2017 - Present)

This is Echo. He is a six-month-old Golden Retriever and our graphic designer's favorite assistant. He loves to "help" get work done by laying across her laptop so she can't use it. He is VERY helpful!

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