Merino Lightweight in Mustard

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Product Overview

 The eco-friendly Merino Lightweight Multifunctional Neckwear delivers  true four-season comfort and protection. It’s a soft, warm,  wind-resistant, and lightweight layer made with 100 percent Merino wool.  Wearable in 10 different ways, it’s versatile multisport neckwear  delivering four-season performance with natural moisture wicking and  odor control properties. BUFF Merino wool is sourced from humanely  raised, non-mulesed sheep.  


  • 100% eco-friendly Merino wool
  • Lightweight construction; 125g/m2 for versatile, all-season performance
  • Semi-seamless - small, unnoticeable seam on top and bottom of neckwear
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Dries quickly, breathable, stays warm if wet
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Sourced from non-mulesed sheep
  • One-size-fits-all adults
  • Multifunctional - 10+ ways to wear


(No reviews yet) Write a Review