SUPERFEET Womens Trailblazer Comfort Hike Insole

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Product Overview


  • Designed to fit women's feet, these insoles have a slimmer heel and a women-specific arch length 
  • The Superfeet shape securely supports your feet in your boots, minimizing fatigue and reducing shifting that can lead to hot spots and blisters 
  • Shock-absorbing Aerospring™ Ascent dual-comfort foam enhances comfort, reduces fatigue and provides reliable stability 
  • EVOLyte— carbon fiber stabilizer caps improve support and stability for the trail
  • Deep heel cups prevent heel slip, which reduces the likelihood of your toes hitting the end of your boots 
  • Heel Impact Technology Pod disperses impact for ascents and descents 
  • Moisturewick™ inhibits bacterial growth on the fabric to help keep odors at bay 
  • Superfeet insoles keep their shape, delivering reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first


(No reviews yet) Write a Review