Insulated Air Core Ultra 20x66 PETITE in Orange

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Product Overview

 Like the Air Core Ultra, the Insulated Air Core Ultra offers  unparalleled comfort at an incredible price. This light and compact  three-season insulated pad has been completely redesigned from the  inside out and R-Value rated by a third party. Designed with a smooth  and stable sleeping surface made with durable nylon rip-stop and larger  outside tubes to cradle you on top. Warm and highly packable insulation  on top and bottom make this air pad lighter on your pack than most in  its class. Save your breath for the adventure ahead, and use the  included upcycled pad inflation sack to inflate.


  • R-Value: 4.5
  • 3.25” thick pad with 3.50” larger outer chambers keep you comfortably cradled in the middle of the pad
  • High volume valves with micro adjustments make for fast inflation/deflation and easy fine tuning to your preferred firmness
  • Antimicrobial treatment inside the pad prevents microorganism growth
  • Protective storage sack, replacement valve seal and 3M repair patches included
  • Individually inflated and tested at their factory ensuring 100% quality performance
  • Pad Inflation Sack made from upcycled excess pad material included. (Color will vary depending on excess material)
  • When sleeping on frozen ground or snow it's recommend adding a closed cell foam pad  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review