Price Match Guarantee

>Bivouac guarantees the lowest prices!  We will match any US-based retailer's price (same size, color, season, in stock) within 14 days of purchase.

If you have not purchased the item yet...

Please email with the subject PRICE MATCH. Include the item number you want to purchase as well as the size and color. Also include where you found the item for cheaper (store name or internet URL). When approved we will email you back a coupon code which will adjust the price of the item you want to purchase.

If you have already purchased the item...

Please call the store and ask for a manager.  Have your receipt number ready along with information on where you found the item for cheaper (store name or internet URL).  We can issue you a refund adjustment over the phone, no need to stop in!

Price Match rules:

  • Excludes prices listed on a marketplace such as Amazon, Ebay and Jet (unless the seller is an authorized dealer of said product)
  • You cannot combine a price match with any other promotions such as a coupon code
  • A price match will only be honored up to 50% off the original retail price of the item
  • We cannot price match international stores/websites
  • Price matches apply to in stock items only - does not apply to items we have to order (the item also has to be in stock at the store/website where you found the item for cheaper)