Womens Cloud Hi in Glacier | Grey

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Product Overview

 The high-comfort shoe with a higher profile, for urban adventure and travel.  


  • Hi by name, high in tech and performance. The Cloud Hi is engineered  with a specially crafted Speedboard™ and CloudTec® cushioning  technology. The result is an urban adventure shoe that's really made to  move.  
  • The Cloud Hi combines vegan leather and suede with durable canvas. Its  higher protective profile is tough enough for the demands of the city  and next-level in look and feel. And with the Looplock speed-lacing  system, you're always ready to step it up. Just Clip. Then Go.  
  • Say Hi to a new breed of shoe. The Cloud Hi takes the comfort and  performance of the iconic Cloud to a new level, ready to find adventure  in every day and inspiration on the move. For travel and exploration,  it’s literally a cut above. It’s Never Not On.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review