Womens Cloud X 3 in Ivory | Alloy

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Product Overview

Ultralight, highly reactive, with better fit and breathability. It’s born from running, but made for everything.


  • Speed. Intensity. Focus. They don't come easy. But they're easier when  your shoes are as light and responsive as it gets. The Cloud X 3 pushes  new limits in terms of weight, agility, and versatility. So you can  react, respond, and crush every workout, and every run.  
  • On Running is relentless about improving performance while also lowering their impact on the planet. That’s why the re-engineered 3-layer mesh is made  from 90-95% recycled content and offers optimized breathability,  confidence-boosting support and exceptional durability.  
  • Born from their expertise in running, made for every squat, every lunge,  every interval, every burpee, every… However you move, the improved fit,  star lacing, 3-layer mesh, CloudTec® and Speedboard® all combine to  support you. Feel the confidence – unleash your fitness.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review