Hydraulics Light Reservoir 1 1/2 L

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Product Overview

Osprey’s Hydraulics® LT 1.5L Reservoir by Hydrapak is made for light  and fast activities where weight and balance are critical. Twin-welded  chevron baffles stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile. The  streamlined design allows for easy loading into internal hydration  sleeves. Thoughtful design makes filling, cleaning and most importantly  staying hydrated on the trail easier than ever. All parts are BPA-free,  phthalate-free, lead-free, guaranteed. All materials are certified food  safe according to FDA and EU regulations.   


  • Twin Baffles - Twin-welded chevron baffles stabilize the water and maintain a flat profile.
  • Slide-Seal - Easy Slide-Seal top opening, seals watertight and provides wide access for easy filling and cleaning
  • Pour Shield - Pour shield extends the collar to ease filling in shallower sinks and control pouring into pots or bottles
  • Carry Handle - Carry handle allows easy reservoir management and filling
  • Magnetic Bite Valve - Magnet clip attaches to the reservoir hose and  pairs with the included sternum strap magnet for easy water access and  hose management
  • Hydrapak Blaster - Hydrapak Blaster bite valve offers fast, smooth water flow with a ¼ twist on/off switch
  • QuickConnect System - The QuickConnect system allows easy removal/filling of the reservoir and filtering in the backcountry


(No reviews yet) Write a Review