Ozone 4-Wheel 85L/30" Black

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Product Overview

Big enough for your grandest adventures and light enough to keep up the  pace, the Ozone 4-Wheel 85 L/27" is the first-class luggage experience  you've been waiting for. They've re-engineered the Ozone, from frame to  fabrics, to deliver the most premium travel experience possible. A  high-clearance chassis clears obstacles with ease while a reinforced,  ultralight aluminum frame provides revolutionary structure and  protection.      

  • High-strength YKK Racquet Coil Zipper    
  • Travel Sentry Luggage ID    
  • Patent pending High Road LT4 frame    
  • Custom buttonless trolley handle    
  • Monopole add-a-bag solution    
  • Integrated top & bottom handles    
  • 50 mm wheels    
  • Lightweight construction    


(No reviews yet) Write a Review