Personal Stylists

Planning a trip? Attending an event? Getting ready for an outdoor adventure? Let Bivouac help! Our Personal Stylists are ready to handle your every shopping need, from offering fashion trend advice to selecting the perfect items for your travels. It's fast, it's easy, and it's free!

What do personal stylists do?

Honestly, they save you time. They will pre-shop the store for you, then present all items in-person for your review. You will have the chance to try things on, lay out outfits, and even add accessories to complete your look!

Gear up for your next adventure.

With Bivouac Personal Stylists, you will be ready to tackle any outdoor activity. From camping and hiking to everything in between, our staff can help you pack in no time!

Experience what everyone in Ann Arbor is talking about! Schedule your next Personal Shopping appointment now.