Smartwool Liner Glove F21

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Product Overview

The Liner Glove will let your hands stay warm while still  being able to click, swipe, and type, thanks to its  touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger. Plus, it offers a comfy  fit and all the benefits of Merino wool + recycled polyester:  temperature regulation, moisture management, and durability. Worn on  their own or under another pair of gloves or mittens for added warmth  and protection, these gloves will keep you cozy in the stands, on a  hike, or at the campfire on a cooler night.    


  • Yarn combines benefits of Merino wool with the enhanced durability of recycled polyester
  • Touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger
  • Rib knit cuff finishing for bulk-free fit
  • Versatile lightweight knit for ease of movement


(No reviews yet) Write a Review