Mens Intraknit Merino Sport Vest

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Product Overview

When it comes to your outdoor activities, comfort is key. That's why the  Men's Intraknit Merino Sport Vest was designed to amplify your comfort  and movement during high-intensity activities while keeping you warm and  dry with knit mesh ventilation and knit wind protection. Gear up and  get after it with a Sport Vest that can go the distance.



  • Fit: Athletic
  • Our athletic fit is body-skimming, enhancing the body in motion
  • Featuring Intraknit™  technology: Insulation, articulation and ventilation are seamlessly  integrated to amplify movement and comfort during high-intensity  activities
  • Knit front panel provides a balance of wind protection, breathability, and warmth
  • Seamlessly knit mesh ventilation designed to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Ribbed back panel provides ultimate mobility
  • Two secure zippered pockets  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review