Waxed Canvas Tote Pack

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Product Overview

Fit for hauling loads in variable conditions,  the Waxed Canvas Tote Pack is built from 100% Cotton in Conversion,  which supports farmers working toward organic certification; is treated  with a weather-resistant, plant-based, paraffin-free wax coating that's  derived from food industry waste; and features multiple carrying options  to keep you comfortable. Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory. 


  • Weather-resistant canvas body  fabric is made of 100% Cotton in Conversion to support farmers on the  path to organic certification, and is treated with Halley Stevensons  EverWax™ Olive, a plant-based, paraffin-free wax derived from food  industry waste
  • Internal and external zippered security pockets
  • Multiple carrying options; shoulder straps can be tucked away for a cleaner look
  • Pack volume is 27 liters
  • Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, which means the people who made this product earned a premium for their labor


(No reviews yet) Write a Review