BLACK DIAMOND Trail Blitz 12 Backpack

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Product Overview

  Whether  you’re bagging the Grand Teton in a quick car-to-car push, heading into  the mountains for a scramble up your favorite ridge, or simply looking  for a no-frills day pack for a few days of travel, the Trail Blitz  carries everything you need while remaining light and fast. Featuring  signature Blitz-style main opening for quick and easy access to your  gear, this pack also comes with two integrated Z-Pole sleeves, so you  can stash your trekking poles when the trail ends and the climbing  begins. The BDFlash pocket is specifically designed for headlamp storage  for those pre-dawn or after-dark missions, and an internal security  pocket keeps your keys and wallet safely stowed away. Four connection  loops along the back allow you to mate the Trail Blitz to another larger  pack so you can have a quick-detachable summit pack on bigger missions.  And to top it off, the entire pack turns inside-out and stores in its  own pocket.  


  • Quick Blitz-style main opening
  • Two dedicated Z-Pole sleeves keep trekking poles secure while hiking and commuting
  • Four connection loops along back panel for attaching to larger  packs when on larger missions BDFlash pocket—an integrated headlamp  sleeve to keep you safe and visible Internal security pocket for wallet  and key storage
  • Entire pack turns inside out and stores in its own pocket while not  in use Light weight shoulder straps with fully adjustable sternum strap  for security and comfort 200D mini-rip translucent body material for  weight reduction and durability


(No reviews yet) Write a Review