Chasqui 13L Sling Pack F21

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Product Overview

Named for the famed messengers of  the Incan Empire, the Chasqui is a modern messenger bag with ample space  for your belongings. Featuring a comfortable, intuitive design, this  casual, daily-use bag takes the discomfort and awkwardness out of your  everyday load. Pack it up, sling it around your shoulder, and enjoy easy  access to your essentials while you're on the move.   


  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Load-lifter strap
  • Wrap-around zipper allows for dual side-entry access
  • A front, top-access pocket provides extra organization for smaller items
  • Narrow, dual-sided daisy chain allows you to pack extra gear
  • Multiple grab handles
  • Back panel secure pocket for extra security
  • Dual-sided D-Rings allow the shoulder strap to be oriented for left or right preference


(No reviews yet) Write a Review