Model 1 Divacup

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Product Overview

Meet the DIVA™ Cup—the most trusted  reusable period care product since 2003. Consciously designed to fit all  body types, and purposefully made to provide 12 hours of comfort and  leak protection. No more tampon strings or frequent bathroom breaks.  Transform your cycle and ditch disposables for good.   


  • Model 1 holds 5 regular tampons of flow  
  • For medium to heavy flow days, the most popular size cup
  • Flexible 100% medical grade silicone folds for easy insertion  
  • Safe for up to 12 hours of continuous wear  
  • Visible flow lines to keep track of your period  
  • Leak-resistant air holes create a seal to secure the cup in place  
  • Easy to grip for hassle-free removal  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review