TSA 3 Dial Lock and Cable

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Product Overview

 Use this flexible cable for locking multiple bags together,  or (remove the cable) and use the TSA Lock® to secure the lockable  zippers on your luggage closed. With this lock, if TSA needs to inspect  your bag, have peace of mind knowing your bag and lock won't be damaged.    


  • Protect precious  contents with seamless bottom bathtub construction that prevents water  from puddles or other sources from entering the duffel
  • Carry confidently knowing tote and haul handles are connected using yoked webbing system for maximum strength bearing
  • Find what you're looking for quickly with the wide top access zippered opening and a convenient front zippered pocket
  • Access what's inside your bag easily via the loop zipper pulls, which come in handy when wearing gloves in cold weather
  • When you need to secure it closed, use the #10 lockable main zippers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review