Double Hammock with Strap in Olive / Khaki

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Product Overview

Getting away is good for the soul. Whether you’re hiking on the other  side of the world or taking a break in your backyard, the packable  two-person parachute nylon hammock is ready to help you take a load off  while you plot your next adventure. With the included carabiners and  five foot hammock straps, this affordable all-in-one hammock kit is  ready to hang. No need to purchase extra straps or rope. 


  • Extra strength triple-lock stitched seams
  • Includes 2 nautical-grade carabiners
  • Includes ready-to-hang 5 ft hammocks straps.
  • 2" Hammock straps are 'Tree Friendly' and authorized in locations that require thicker straps to protect trees.
  • Includes stuff sack for stress-free travel
  • Soft, breathable and fast drying
  • Quick and easy set up


(No reviews yet) Write a Review