Mens Buford Herringbone Flannel - Forest

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Product Overview

 Some say these bestsellers are softer than  morning mist rolling off the Three Sisters. We say their jaspé weave and  rich color depth make the Buford herringbone flannel a mid-season must  have for any serious wardrobe. Jas-huh?  we hear you wondering. Jaspé is a mottled weave of yarns, each of which  is twisted from separate colors to create beautiful heathered highs and  lows that run through a garment to give it texture. The way salt and  pepper keep your steak from falling flat? Jaspé does that for your  shirts.


  • Spread Collar
  • Single chest patch pocket
  • Chambray trimmed yoke, placket and gussets
  • Jaspe twist yarns
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported


(No reviews yet) Write a Review