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Product Overview

 Reliable and versatile chain-free crampons / ice cleats that performs  exceptionally well on icy sidewalks in an urban environment as well as  slippery trails when winter jogging or dog walking. The sleek design is  not only appealing but also gives you the option to use a variety of  footwear; casual shoes, trail runners, hiking shoes (flexible soles),  hiking boots (rigid soles) and insulated boots. These less aggressive  crampons are fitted with 18 low profile, high impact, stainless steel  spikes and flexible spike plates which gives you a good grip on icy  surfaces, freedom of movement and high level of comfort. The riveted  attachment points are there for long lasting performance and the velcro  strap for added security so you can feel confident when heading out -  knowing the crampons will stay secure underfoot. They come with a carry  bag so you can keep them ready in your bag, backpack or car and bring  them out as needed. Patent pending. 


  • Versatile: Can be combined with a variety of footwear options and used in several different types of icy settings
  • Reliable grip and comfortable: 18 stainless steel 1/4 inch spikes that are dispersed across a broad area
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off:  Broad step-in area, no chains or metal toe section that makes it tricker  to fit, permanently attached velcro strap that is swift to close / open
  • Secure fit: Velcro strap across the foot and textured elastomer harness (inside) for extra grip to the shoe
  • Durable design: Riveted attachment points developed for long-lasting performance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review