Medium Tag Along Bottle Sling

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Product Overview

 Take your Hydro Flask bottle with you, but keep both hands free. A  clever stretch pocket holds keys or essentials, and specialized clips  sync onto the Day Escape Soft Coolers, making it easy to pack in and  out.


  • Medium Tag Along Bottle Sling fits all Hydro Flask 32 oz and 40 oz bottles
  • Holds your bottle and keeps it protected wherever you go
  • Easy to clean, coated, rigid fabric keeps your bottle upright
  • Molle clips transform your Sling to an instant bottle  carrier for the Day Escape Soft Coolers. The flat-back design keeps it  snug with no wobbling or rolling.
  • Comfortable, adjustable and removable strap for crossbody or over-the-shoulder carrying options
  • Simple storage just big enough for essentials like phones, keys, wallet or hand sanitizer
  • Welded webbing and attachment mounts for extra durability


(No reviews yet) Write a Review