2MM Signature Beaded Bracelet with Large Sterling Silver Rondelle Pattern - 6.75 / Yellow Gold

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Product Overview

Elevate your everyday wrist stack by adding a 2MM Signature 14k Gold Filled  Bracelet with 3 Large Sterling Silver Rondelles to your wrist. Versatile  and effortless, the 14k gold-filled beads are strung on an elastic  cord, which offers a slight stretch. Karen Lazar’s easy-to-wear jewelry  for women, men, and children is handmade in Los Angeles.


  • 14k Yellow Gold & 3 Large Sterling Silver Rondelles 
  • The elastic is for easy on and off. When rolling on, touch  your hand the entire time and do not stretch more than the widest part  of your knuckles, thumb to pinky
  • Sterling Silver oxidizes with normal wear, and should not be worn in chemical water
  • Made in Los Angeles


(No reviews yet) Write a Review