64 oz Kanteen Classic w/ Swing Lok Cap

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Product Overview

 Get in on the craft brew movement with the 64 fluid once, dark amber  Growler from Klean Kanteen.  This shatter-proof, stainless steel vessel is designed with a Swing Lok  cap to handle the pressure of a carbonated beverage. The  electro-polished interior prevents flavors from lingering, and makes  cleaning it easy. It's not just for beer; this growler keeps green  juice, water, kombucha, or cold-brewed coffee fresh and ready to  transport. The 1.75" opening makes it easy to add ice.  

Key Features

  • Shatter-Proof Stainless Construction
  • Swing Lok Cap For Carbonated Beverages
  • Electro-Polished Interior


(No reviews yet) Write a Review