Mens New Renegade Cargo Short

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Product Overview

The versatile RENEGADE™ CARGO Men’s Short is cut from KÜHL’s innovative DURALUX™  fabric. This strong, yet breathable, material delivers quick-drying,  anti-abrasion, and stretch properties that take these shorts to the next  level.  Premium sun protection (UPF 50) and nine pockets offer secure  storage.


  • Lightweight with soft, cotton feel
  • Premium (UPF 50) sun protection
  • Trail tough, anti-abrasion
  • Highly durable
  • Water-resistance
  • Built-in stretch
  • Nine pockets: two front hand, one coin, two side cargo with velcro  closure, hidden pocket inside left cargo, two back with velcro closure,  drop in cell phone pocket. 
  • Superior cargo pocket expansion when filled


(No reviews yet) Write a Review