Wanderfreund High Fives

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Product Overview

This Wanderfreund High Fives walking pole with Speed Lock+ adjustment  and high-strength aluminum is always a reliable companion. The  edge-free ergonomic form of the grip offers a secure and comfortable  support function and the unique "hole in the middle" allows for  additional gripping options. This classic walking cane provides support  not only for you but for a special non-profit organization. LEKI donates  5% of the proceeds from the sales of this single staff to the HIGH  FIVES organization. High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing  injuries and provides resources if they happen. LEKI has partnered with High Fives because they are dedicated to supporting the safety net of the outdoor sports community. 


  • Multimed
  • aluminum
  • SL+
  • Rubber Walking Tip
  • Universal Carbide Flextrip


(No reviews yet) Write a Review