Womens Ribcage Wide Leg H223 in She's a Cutie

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Product Overview

As if the Ribcage jeans couldn't get any better—meet the Ribcage Wide-Leg.  The tailored, leggy look of the '70s and a '90s-inspired super-high  rise come together to create the perfect proportion to show off the rise  and define your waistline. With a soaring 12-inch rise, they're about  to become your hip-slimming, waist-defining, leg-lengthening obsession. 

  • The Ribcage jeans you know and love, now with a wide-leg cut 
  • Made with a super high rise 
  • Fitted seat and slim leg from thigh to knee for uncompromising comfort 
  • Better clothes. Better choices. They made this garment with post-industrial recycled cotton fiber 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review