Boker Plus Specialist II

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Product Overview

 The pliers of the Boker Plus Specialist II offers a reinforced wire  cutter and is a true all-rounder. They have the flat gripping surface of  long-nosed pliers and a so-called burner hole for gripping external hex  screws, cap nuts and pipes. The four main tools are secured with a  linerlock, which makes them suitable even for heavy-duty tasks. They  include a partially serrated blade, a wood saw, a file with a ruler and a  multitool featuring a can opener, bottle opener, wire bender/stripper  and an Allen key. The added belt cutter can be opened with a nail nick.  The flat handle scales have decorative cut-outs and consist of stainless  steel. Two double-sided bits, a matching chuck and a practical glass  breaker complete the equipment. Comes with a high-quality nylon belt  holster. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review