Mens Rio Branco ALVMESH in Black / White / Oxford Grey

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Product Overview

The Alveomesh is a technical fabric made out exclusively of recycled  polyester. It brings breathability, flexibility and lightness to the  shoe.

The suede is made from the underside of bovine leather  previously brushed to make it softer and more flexible. It comes from  farms in the south of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul). It is tanned in  Brazil, respecting the REACH norms. Special attention is paid to water  usage during the tanning process. The suede is also coated with  water-repellent oils without PFCs (chemical compounds) to protect the  sneakers from light rain.  

Upper : Alveomesh (100% recycled polyester)
Panels : Suede and leather
Logo V : Amazonian rubber (26%)
Insole : Amazonian rubber (10%), sugar cane (41%), recycled E.V.A.* (10%), organic cotton (16%) and others (13%) 
Midsole : E.V.A. (52% sugar cane and 35% others)
Outsole : Synthetic rubber (49%), Silica (30%), Amazonian rubber (12%) and others (9%)
Lining : Tech (100% recycled polyester)
Laces : Organic cotton (100%) 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review