PT RecLuxe Beach in Sage

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Product Overview

The Luxe Towel is the softest and most luxurious camp and travel  towel. Sustainably made of 50% recycled fabric, the Luxe packs small  and delivers maximum absorbency and quick-drying performance. Capable of  absorbing 5x its weight in water, and drying 30% faster than comparable  cotton towels, the Luxe is perfect for camp, travel, the gym, the yoga  studio and around the house. Machine washable and with Polygiene® odor  control, the Luxe remains fresh for multiple uses and is always ready to  go when you need it. With the Luxe, you don’t need to sacrifice  luxurious comfort for your life on-the-go. 


  • Soft & Sustainable: Terry knit looped microfiber is luxuriously soft and 50% recycled. 
  • Ultra-Absorbent: Absorbs 5x its weight in water and wrings out easily.
  • Fast-Drying: Dries 30% faster than comparable cotton towels.
  • Fresh for Days: Polygiene® odor control ensures freshness for multiple uses between wash cycles.
  • Packable: Folds or rolls up much smaller than comparable cotton towels.
  • Convenient Hanging: Hang loop allows for easy drying and storage.               


(No reviews yet) Write a Review