Worn Wear Patch Kit

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Product Overview

In the backcountry or the backyard, you can easily repair tears in tents,  sleeping bags and jackets with the Worn Wear™ Patch Kit. Four durable  patches are made of Tenacious tape, known for its strong adhesive  strength. Whimsical designs make every rip an amusing story. Fair Trade  Certified™ sewn.  


  • Kit includes four 3" x 5" pages of black Tenacious tape with varying sizes and shapes of patches for fixing gear
  • Simple peel-and-stick application, no sewing required; patches are washable just 24 hours after application
  • Ultra-strong adhesive permanently bonds to outdoor fabrics and materials, including nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, which means the people who made it earned a premium for their labor 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review