Prana Womens Cozy Up Sweatshirt

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Product Overview

 Cozy. Comfy. Cardiff. If you know, you know. And in case you don't,  they'll share. Enjoy that well-loved, pre-broken-in feeling from wear  number one with this easy-going sweater for women. Made from bestselling  Cardiff fabric—with naturally bacteria resistant hemp—this style makes  everyday outfitting easy.

The fabric is heathered too, which gives this laid-back sweater a sporty  vibe, and uses a responsible cellulosic fiber which adds a level of  softness, comfort, and drapability to the overall look. So sure, get it  because it looks like something you want to wear every day, but love it  because of all the above.  


  • Oversized pull-on raglan sweatshirt
  • Rib knit crew neck
  • Center back inverted pleat detail
  • Rib knit sleeve and bodice hem
  • Metal rivet at bottom side seam
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Natural odor reducing features
  • Recycled Content
  • Hemp Content
  • Responsible Forest Material


(No reviews yet) Write a Review