Mens Everyday Anchor Line Crew Socks

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Product Overview

The Everyday Anchor Line Crew socks will help keep you  comfortable on your everyday adventures. With features like a secure fit  and a comfort welt with a “stay put” fit, the only thing moving will be  you. Their classic colors can complement any outfit, keeping you  stylish from head to toe. Plus, they’ve got all the benefits of Merino  wool construction, including odor resistance and temperature control, so  you can feel confident, whether you’re running the morning errands or  going out with friends.  



  • Sock Height: Crew
  • Sock Cushion: Zero Cushion
  • Secure fit for all-day comfort
  • Versatile durability
  • Comfort welt with 'stay put' fit
  • Shred Shield™ technology reduces wear from toes
  • Virtually Seamless™ toe for enhanced comfort
  • Overall 8" height


(No reviews yet) Write a Review