Unisex Everyday Cable Ankle Socks

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Product Overview

If you're looking for a comfortable sock for your favorite pair  of ankle boots, look no further. The Women's Everyday Cable Ankle Boot  Socks is the perfect addition to any boot. With a Virtually Seamless toe  for enhanced comfort and a slim fit for less bulk, you'll never wear  another ankle sock again.


  • Sock Height: Ankle
  • Sock Cushion: Zero Cushion
  • Virtually Seamless™ toe for enhanced comfort
  • Made in the USA 71%  Merino Wool 10% Nylon 18% Recycled Nylon 1% Elastane *Specific  percentage of Recycled Nylon will vary as they transition to 100% Recycled  Nylon in future seasons.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review