Titan Kettle 1400 mL

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Product Overview

The Titan Kettle 1400mL is the perfect cook pot for  gram-counting backcountry duos thanks to its ultralight packability and  performance titanium. Interior graduation lines allow for fast and easy  volume measuring for dehydrated meals and drinks. An improved spout  makes precision pouring easier for dehydrated meal bags. Silicone-coated  folding handles are comfortable to hold, and the snug-fit lid features a  silicone hanger to keep it safely out of the dirt. Plus, the entire  Titan cookware collection nests together, often with a stove and/or fuel  canister so you can easily build your ideal cook setup.  


  • Ultralight & Durable: Weighs a mere 5.4 oz (153 g); titanium is half the weight of steel and twice the strength of aluminum.
  • Precise Pour: Improved spout for easy pouring into dehydrated meal pouches.
  • Folding Comfort Handles: Silicone-coated handles fold closed for packing and are comfortable to hold.
  • Easy Measurements: Internal volume graduation marks for quick liquid measurements.
  • Hangable Lid: Snug-fit lid has a silicone hook underneath to hang off pot rim for dirt-free, hands-free convenience.
  • Nestable: Nests with other Titan cookware, Titan Kettle 900mL fits inside.
  • Packable: 8-oz fuel canister and PocketRocket® 2 or PocketRocket® Deluxe stove nests inside.               


(No reviews yet) Write a Review