Flylite LZ Regular 6'0"

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Product Overview

  The Flylite is the lightest fully-baffled sleeping bag in the world-  weighing in at a mere 13 ounces. This limited edition model has been  designed to celebrate Western Mountaineering’s 50th anniversary,  utilizing the most advanced textiles and finest raw materials in the  world. Built with a balanced 10-denier fabric, a half-length #3 coil  zipper with insulated draft tube, and an insulated top collar.  Compressing down to almost the size of a standard water bottle, the  Flylite is a perfect choice for fast packers, adventure racing  enthusiasts, bikepackers or anyone that is looking for the lightest  possible bag that they can still get a full night’s sleep in. 


  • 10 denier nylon shell fabric and lining
  • Lightweight #3 coil zipper (half length)
  • No sewn-through seams = no cold spots
  • Insulated draft tube
  • Fully baffled construction
  • Insulated top collar
  • Amazingly light and compressible


(No reviews yet) Write a Review