Womens Geneva Long Cardigan

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Product Overview

From casual, warm weather  layering to a sophisticated outfit option, the light and airy GENEVA™  LONG CARDIGAN effortlessly pairs with just about anything. An oversized,  cocoon fit delivers cozy comfort any time of year. Featuring blocked  knit details, ribbed accents, and pockets for essentials, the GENEVA™ is  the perfect addition to your sweater collection.  


  • Sustainable organic cotton and polyester blend Cotton is blended with polyester for added colorfastness and durability, as well as for less shrinkage and wrinkling
  • Cozy and soft
  • Lightweight
  • Fully fashioned knit
  • Cardigan style perfect for layering
  • All-season weight lends well to travel
  • Oversized cocoon fit
  • Blocked knit details
  • Ribbed cuffs and pocket welts
  • Low-bulk seams
  • Pockets for stashing essentials
  • Imported 
  • GENEVA™ Organic Cotton and Polyester Performance Blend


(No reviews yet) Write a Review