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Product Overview


  • IMPROVED ACCURACY: The Aerobie Superdisc  10”, yellow frisbee, features a thin, low profile design and spoiler rim  for longer, more accurate flights, made of rubber, polycarbonate, one  of the world's best flying disc.  
  •  SECURE GRIP: The aerobie superdisc frisbee 10 inch in diameter disc  includes a cushioned edge for a better grip and softer catches, and  floats on water & comes in a patented design.  
  •  ENCOURAGES ACTIVE PLAY: Toss the Superdisc 10” on the field, in the  park, or at the beach. Aerobie super ring disc also floats on water for  easier retrieval as each throw has a smooth, stable flight.  
  •  SAFE FOR PETS: The aerobie superdisc frisbee has soft edges & is  gentle to a dog's mouth, making it the disc of choice for many  professional dog disc entertainers - aerobie superdisc for dogs. Aerobie  superdisc flying disc flies far, easier to throw, soft cushioned edges,  straight accurate flights. Frisbee is great for all ages, ages 8+.  
  •  DIMENSIONS/QUANTITY: The aerobie superdisc 10 inch (25.4 cm) diameter  is ideal for both veteran disc throwers and novices; Note: You will  receive ONE Aerobie Super Disc.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review