Retractable Cable Lock, Blue

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Product Overview

Featuring a flexible 30in braided stainless steel  cable, this lock is ideal for both grouping items together and securing  them to fixed objects. The combination is easy to reset and its bright  blue color also makes it stand out at the luggage carousel.

The thermoplastic rubber provides a comfortable grip, and the sturdy  ABS housing will withstand the wear and tear of multiple trips. The  coated steel cable is also simple to retract and won't harm the finish  of the object you're using it on.

You can use the cable to attach your luggage to a pole at the airport  or keep your helmet attached to your bike. Additionally, this lock is  good for grouping items together, like a pair of skis or hiking packs.

At home, you can use it to lock up medicine drawers, alcohol  cabinets, gun cases, or other areas that should not be easily accessible  to others.

With durable construction, a flexible cable, and a resettable  combination, this retractable cable lock can be used for securing your  belongings to fixtures or grouping them together in a tight fit – both  at home and abroad.


• Thermoplastic rubber with durable ABS housing
• Good for grouping items together or securing to fixed objects
• Resettable 3-dial combination
• Retractable 30in braided steel cable  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review