Mens 511 Slin in Train Car Adv

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Product Overview

 Easy and  slim — but not too skinny and not too loose. The perfect alternative to  skinny jeans, the Levi's® 511™ Slim Jeans are your always-versatile,  pair-with-everything jeans that will always have your back (if you get  their drift). They’re slim in the thigh with a straight fit down to the  ankle — which means you can wear them with just about any shoe . Whether  it’s your first or your sixth pair, Levi's promise you’ll return to this  fit over and over. 


  • Modern slim-fit jeans with room to move 
  • The perfect alternative to skinny jeans 
  • These jeans are slim in the thigh and straight throughout — a great everyday option that goes well with anything 
  • Cut close to the body, the 511™ Slim is a great alternative to the skinny jeans 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review