Mens On Running Climate Jacket in Black

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Product Overview

Hiking, trekking, or just exploring  the neighborhood – the Climate Jacket pairs multi-purpose protection  with targeted insulation.


  • Maybe it's an early morning stroll or  staring up at the stars from camp – the Climate Jacket offers protection  and comfort, plus fiddle-free thumbholes that keep your sleeves down  and the cold out. Multiple pockets keep your adventure essentials close  and secure.  
  • The Climate Jacket is quick-drying and  designed with a durable woven structure. Moisture-wicking materials stay  fresh, and the outer fabric is treated with a DWR coating to protect  against rain. Plus, its four-way stretch offers flexibility and  unrestricted movement.  
  • The Climate Jacket features 100% recycled  padding, striking the right balance between warmth and insulation. They found this sweet spot through heat mapping – because one size does not  fit all.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review