Original EcoStretch in Lise Maroon

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Product Overview

The most versatile accessory  ever created. Made from recycled plastic bottles, delivering UPF50 sun  protection and wearable in more than 12 different ways. Flip it, twist  it, fold it, an Original has you covered in every situation, hot, cold,  windy, sunny - doing whatever activity you love the most. Don't leave  home without it!


  • Suitable for an all year base layer use. All year versatility.
  • UltraStretch technology: highly stretchable product designed for top comfort and performance.
  • This product contains 2 recycled plastic bottles. There is no trick, it's called sustainability!
  • UPF  50 certified sun protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced  by the sun. Samples of fabrics tested for UV protection in accordance  with the international standards.
  • Wide range of wearing styles and possibilities. Enjoy  versatility and freedom in one product.
  • Find the right accessory to combine and achieve the outfit you are searching for. Plenty of styles and colors available.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review