Reflective Band Fluorescent Yellow

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Product Overview

The Reflective Bands are a simple and lightweight way of adding safety on your commute,
run  or walk. The elastic bands together with the adjustable velcro ensures a  perfect fit around your legs or arms. When cycling the band has the  extra benefit of keeping your trousers away from the chain and cogs. 

To achieve a 360 degrees reflective visibility the velcro attachment  has been designed so that the reflective band can run uninterrupted  around your leg, ensuring maximum safety.
The  reflective bands should be worn around the ankles for best visibility  (that’s where car headlights are pointed) or alternatively around the  wrists as movement also attracts attention. 

— 360 degree visibility
— Uninterrupted reflective material
— Elastic fit
— Adjustable secure hook and loop attachment
— CE-certified


(No reviews yet) Write a Review