Womens Talus WT in Anthracite

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Product Overview

 Stepping  stones sure are slippery after snowfall, and you'll love slipping on the  Vasque Talus WT Boot to feel sure-footed on wintry hikes. Vasque likes that its insulation and waterproof membrane are made with recycled materials,  and they're both completely dependable in cold, wet weather. The  leather upper is durable, and the ColdHold rubber sole delivers solid  traction on said slippery stones. 


  • Hiking boot built for winter weather
  • Waterproof, breathable Nature-Tex made from partially recycled materials
  • PU-coated leather upper is water-resistant and durable
  • Nature-Therm insulation made from recycled materials
  • ColdHold rubber sole ensures winter-worthy traction


(No reviews yet) Write a Review