Womens Hike Classic Edition Full Cushion 2nd Cut Crew Socks

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Product Overview

Hiking just got a circular design upgrade with the Women's Hike  Classic Edition Full Cushion 2nd Cut Crew Socks — the first sock construction featuring Smartwools circular 2nd Cut yarn. A mix of 57% recycled  fibers and canister waste and 33% virgin Merino wool make this style  comfortable, durable, and always ready to hit the trails. The flat knit  toe seam provides additional comfort, while the elasticized arch brace  gives this pair a more secure feel — so wherever the trails take you,  these socks stay put.


  • Sock Height: Crew
  • Smartwools first sock construction,  only now featuring 2nd Cut yarn – utilizing a mix of 50% recycled  fibers from a combination of the sock take back program, canister waste  and 50% virgin Merino wool to create new socks
  • Elasticized arch brace for a secure fit
  • Flat knit toe seam for additional comfort


(No reviews yet) Write a Review