Supersub in Charcoal / Orange

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Product Overview

 Weighing in at only 9.8 ounces,  the SuperSub™ Hammock shaves weight without sacrificing comfort.  The  SuperSub™ has the same spacious dimensions as the top selling  DoubleNest™ Hammock and an impressive 300lb weight rating.  Designed  with 30D ripstop nylon and aluminum toggles, this lightweight hammock  combines with the Helios Suspension System to give you all of the ENO  creature comforts in a trail ready package. It’s time to ditch the tent.    


  • DoubleNest Size, Sub6 Weight Savings
  • Aluminum Toggles Integrate with Helios™ Suspension System
  • Strong, Breathable and Fast Drying
  • Super strong Silverlite™ cord


(No reviews yet) Write a Review