Mens Hike Classic Edition Full Cushion 2nd Cut Crew Socks

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Product Overview

In 1994, Smartwool invented the first-ever Merino wool performance  sock, the Classic Hike. And today, that comfort comes full circle. The new Second Cut™ Hike sock combines the iconic fit and feel of the original sock with circular yarn utilized from their sock takeback  program. That’s right. They’re making new socks out of old socks—helping them reach their goal of shifting towards a more circular business model.  Join the mission by sending Smartwool your unwanted socks and they’ll work to give them life beyond the landfill.


  • Elasticized arch brace for a secure fit
  • Flat knit toe seam for additional comfort
  • The first sock construction, now featuring circular yarn from a 50-50 blend of sock waste and responsibly sourced Merino wool.
  • Sock Height: Crew
  • Sock Cushion: Full Cushion


(No reviews yet) Write a Review