Pack-It Essentials Set

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Product Overview

This is a must-have packing starter set for any traveler who  wants to perfectly pack up their carry-on bag. It’s got an antimicrobial  shoe organizer for dirty shoes, medium-sized cube to separate clean  from dirty items, and a small compressor packing cube to maximize your  packing space. Stay organized and enjoy peace of mind with the Pack-It™  Essentials Set. It’s a game-changer.  


  • The Pack-It™ Essentials Set includes:
  • Designed to contain shoes (up to men’s size 13) and odor from the rest of your luggage
  • Pack-It™ Reveal Clean/Dirty Cubes M  
  • This must-have packing cube contains a floating internal  divider that creates two adjusting-capacity compartments designed to  lock in moisture/odors and separate clean from dirty
  • Made with a durable 300D Poly fabric and #5 self-repairing zippers
  • All main body fabrics are 100% post-consumer recycled and bluesign® certified
  • Pack-It™ Isolate Compression Cube S
  • Treated with antimicrobial Protx2® to combat harmful, odor-causing bacteria, for long-lasting stink containment
  • Durable compression zipper compacts clothing to fit more items in a small space
  • Constructed using a durable ultra-lightweight ripstop poly fabric
  • One Pack-It™ Isolate Shoe Sac, great for a pair of shoes (up to men’s size 13)
  • Covered by Eagle Creek’s No Matter What® Warranty
  • One Pack-It™ Reveal Clean/Dirty Cube M, great for separating clean from dirty clothes
  • One Pack-It™ Isolate Compression Cube S, great for pants, t-shirts, and underwear
  • This packing set is a great starter set for any  globetrotter looking to perfectly pack up their carry-on. It’s got an  organizer for dirty shoes, medium-sized cube for clean/dirty items, and a  small compressor to maximize your packing space.
  • When you buy these items as a set you save almost 18%. It’s too good to pass up!
  • Pack-It™ Isolate Shoe Sac  
  • Treated with Protx2®, an anti-microbial agent formulated  to combat harmful, odor-causing bacteria, for effective long-lasting  stink protection


(No reviews yet) Write a Review